09 December 2010

Strangely Directed Argument of the Day

From a BBC story about the DDoS attacks on organisations withdrawing services from Wikileaks:
Carole Thierault, a security researcher at Sophos, warned against getting involved with the Anonymous campaign.


Ms Thierault said downloading and installing the LOIC attack tool was very risky.

"No-one should download unknown code on to their system," she said. "You're giving access to your computer to a complete stranger."
In general, it's a good point.  At the most basic level of computing, if your machine is running a Microsoft or Apple operating system, you've no way of knowing exactly what the code you've got installed is doing.  It's an argument that can be applied to most software that you might go out and buy.  The one type of software it can't be applied to is free and open source software, which is precisely what LOIC is.

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