20 October 2010

Really, Mr Jobs?

Steve Jobs, as reported by the BBC:
The customers, he said, just wanted something that worked and he was confident that this approach would triumph over the "mess" that was Android's multiple variants and different app stores.

The idea that somebody would buy an Apple product because it's a good option for somebody who just wants something that works, is, in my experience, laughable.  Let me give you a little comparison, Steve.  Here was my experience with my Android phone:
  • I received the phone in the post.
  • I took it out of the box.
  • I charged it.
  • I switched it on.
  • It "just worked".  It "just worked" incredibly well.  I moved my contacts over by bluetooth.  I connected it to my laptop as a standard drive and dragged and dropped my music and other files to it.
By comparison, here is the experience that somebody in the same position as me had with an iPhone:
  • Receive the phone in the post.
  • Take it out of the box.
  • Charge it.
  • Switch it on.
  • Find out that it refuses to work until it is connected to iTunes.
  • Borrow a friend's PC, because there is no way to get the phone operational with your Ubuntu Linux laptop.
  • Get phone working.
  • Phone crashes.
  • Go round to friend's house again.
  • Get phone working again.
Now, the iPhone set-up may have changed in the latest version.  It might now be possible to get it working without the use of a separate piece of equipment.  I don't know because I had no desire to risk it when I got my latest phone.  I wanted a phone that "just worked" and in my experience, an Android phone fits the bill far better than an iPhone.


Robin Smith said...

Quite right.

Monopoly = Higher Price + Lower Quality + More Waste

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 now BTW on the laptop. I tried Debain on the desktop but couldn't get bigdesktop going properly.

devil jiang said...

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