29 July 2010

Reasons for Silence

Apologies for the recent lack of posting. I've been distracted.

I got myself an HTC Wildfire (A phone I'd thoroughly recommend if you're looking for a compact, relatively low cost Android phone, or even if you're not.), which resulted me going into a techy spell. I starting off configuring the phone and looking for apps to handle, amongst, other things, offline mapping, GPS track recording, PGP, FTP and file management. That then lead me to working with a few things I'd been meaning to get involved with for a while, such as OpenStreetMap, GPX file authoring and Microformats, which have taken up much of my free time.

I intend to get back to more frequent posting as of next week.


Joseph Takagi said...

I didn't know about RMaps. Have you checked out MapDroyd?

Paul Lockett said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of MapDroyd. I've been test driving it for the last month and I've found it a really good supplement to RMaps.

I like RMaps because it enables the downloading of a wide range of OpenStreetMap based maps for use offline. The downside is that the process to download the maps can be cumbersome.

On the other hand, MapDroyd only has one set of maps, but they are much easier to download, so for offline use in a new area, it's much easier to use.