16 June 2010

WTF? of the Day

From the BBC:
Fifa is considering legal action against a Dutch brewery it accuses of using women fans to advertise its beer at the World Cup.

Stewards ejected 36 Dutch supporters from Monday's match between the Netherlands and Denmark midway through the second half in Johannesburg.

All were dressed identically in tightly hugging short orange dresses, sold as part of a gift pack by a Dutch brewery.


However, they were reportedly taken to a Fifa office where police quizzed them about the dresses and asked if they worked for the brewery, Bavaria.
FIFA establishing a dress code which bans the use of clothing for advertising in a World Cup venue sounds reasonable enough. If the rules are made clear up front, then requiring people to leave the ground for breaking the rules also sounds perfectly fair.

What I find outrageous is the existence of a system of law and policing which appears to be so corrupted by corporate interests that a choice of clothing which, at most, constitutes a breach of contract, should be considered worthy of police investigation.

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