30 June 2010

Closer, but not quite...

From a BBC story about various actions being taken against people accused of unauthorised file-sharing:
ACS: Law has said its actions are legitimate, given how big a problem illegal file-sharing is for the music and film industries.

"It is the equivalent of someone stood outside HMV with a pile of the latest albums, handing them out to people who were intending to go in the shop and buy it," ACS: Law partner Andrew Crossley told the BBC.
On the positive side, it's good to hear a far more sensible analogy than the usual "it's no different to going into HMV and stealing a CD." This one at least acknowledges the difference between taking an item of material property, which prevents the owner using it and unauthorised copying, which doesn't.

On the negative side, the analogy still falsely implies that every file shared is a sale lost, but given ACS's business strategy, it's not too surprising that they'd want to maintain that implication.

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