17 April 2010

Testing Online Vote Matchers - Part 2

Following the test drive of two vote matchers I performed, I decided to see if any of the parties had similar tests and if so, if they are skewed towards getting more votes for them. The first one I came across was the Green Party Test, which gave me these results:

So, bizarrely, while the Vote Match test rated my agreement with the Green Party at 62% and the Who Should You Vote For test rated my agreement with the Greens at 51%, the highest of any of the parties, the Greens' own test rated my agreement with them at a lowly 35%.

I think there are two possible explanations for this:
  1. The Green Party have tried so hard to stop their test appearing skewed in their favour that they've ended up going in the opposite direction and skewed it against themselves.
  2. The questions the Greens have included in their test relate to the policies which they think are mostly likely to appeal to voters, which, in the main, are the policies on which I have least agreement with them.
I'm leaning towards number 2.

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