19 April 2010

Odd Strategy of the Day

From the BBC:
For Labour Lord Mandelson warned a hung parliament might give "disproportionate power" to the Lib Dems.


He warned: "A hung parliament may seem attractive to some but it may give disproportionate power to a small party holding the balance of power and bring its own danger. Important legislation, for example on fighting terrorism which the Lib Dems are likely to oppose, would be difficult to get through."
If you are a member of a political party which, at the last general election, obtained 55.2% of the seats with 35.3% of the vote, it would appear wise to avoid raising the issue of disproportionate power. Also, if you want to stop people giving their support to another political party, claiming that voting for that party will give them disproportionate power doesn't seem like the smartest way of doing it; it's a complete reversal of the "it's a wasted vote" strategy.

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