17 March 2010

Bull of the Day

From the latest bit of copyright lobby propaganda:
Agnete Haaland, the president of the International Actors' Federation, which supports the research, said that education was key to tackling piracy.

"We should change the word piracy," she said.

"To me, piracy is something adventurous, it makes you think about Johnny Depp.[1]

"But we're talking about a criminal act.[2] We're talking about making it impossible to make a living from what you do.[3]"
[1] We've currently got a propaganda term for copyright infringement which equates it to attacking a ship on the high-seas, but the copyright maximalist lobby appears to have gone so utterly insane that they believe that comparing somebody who copies a CD to a Kalashnikov toting hostage taker doesn't do justice to the heinous nature of their act. Maybe calling it copyright genocide might suit them better.

[2] In general, copyright infringement is a civil, not a criminal matter.

[3] Given that actors have been making a living from stage work since time immemorial, I think "impossible" is pushing it a bit.

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