15 February 2010

Irony Overload

From the BBC:
Australian former anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson is selling up and heading to Britain, according to an interview with an Australian magazine.

She told Women's Day that Australia was no longer a land of opportunity and she had "had enough" of living there.


"Sadly, the land of opportunity is no more applicable," she said, blaming high taxes, over-regulation and a "lack of true representation".
Where do you start?  It's an article out of which all the piss has already been taken.

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Robin Smith said...

Well a few years back we sent all the criminals(actually beaten down rack rented people who were so desperate for a living they stole.) over there as prison.

What an irony. The land was free. They flourished as there was no rent, wages were high. Enclosed the land. Became super wealthy. Victims became perpetrators.

Finally turned into mealy mouthed politicians slagging off the free lunch they all got.