17 February 2010

He's Spartacus!

I must admit that when I first saw this advert being discussed online, I was sceptical about it being genuine:
Even with the low opinion I've got of the government, it just seemed too idiotic to be true.  Surely, I said to myself, if somebody were to suggest the use of Spartacus in an ID card ad, at least one of the people involved would say "Hang on a minute.  This advert is implying that, if the Roman Empire had introduced ID cards, it would have enabled them to more efficiently identify and subsequently crucify a slave who had been treated brutally and was working to secure his freedom.  I don't think this is the message we want."

I'd almost written it off as a clever piece of parody, when to my astonishment, the ad was there, in print, in today's Metro.  Not only is it genuine, but they're still using it!  It's almost like they don't care any more.  What next?  Maybe it will be Jesus holding an ID card, with the strap-line "Judas wouldn't have got 30 pieces of silver if Jesus had spent £30."  I'm at the stage where almost nothing would surprise me.

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