22 December 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

From the BBC:
A man has received an apology from the Home Office after his ID card was refused as he tried to board a ferry to Rotterdam.

Norman Eastwood, from Salford, and his wife Jeanette were planning to travel from Hull on P&O Ferries on Saturday.

The new ID card, launched in Manchester, can be used instead of a passport across Europe - but the travel firm said it did not know this.

A Home Office spokesman said it "seems to be an isolated experience".

P&O ferries added that from now on ID cards will be accepted.

Mr Eastwood, however, said he "felt like a second-class citizen" and it was "humiliating" when he was told that he could not board the ferry.

"My wife was devastated too, she was really looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping over in Rotterdam, it was meant to be a festive treat."

Instead, the pair were left with no option but to turn around, abandon their plans and drive the 105 miles back to Greater Manchester.
I try to avoid deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others, but when somebody suffers because they choose, completely unnecessarily, to collaborate in one of the government’s most authoritarian projects, I’m willing to make an exception.

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