11 April 2009

The Tax Justice Network and LVT

There's a nice summary of the Tax Justice Network and its campaign against tax havens over at the Land Value Taxation Campaign[1].

If somebody's objection to tax havens is that they enable the avoidance of tax through loopholes in the tax system, a brief period of consideration should make it obvious that the problem isn't tax havens, it's the tax system. Start levying tax on geographically fixed resources, such as locations, EM spectrum, roads, etc. and you solve the problem, because you can't move those items to a tax haven. Avoidance would be halted without any need to dictate tax policy to other nations.

The TJN appears unwilling to acknowledge that as an option, which seems to hint that their real objective is to establish a global tax cartel to ensure that taxes can be kept high everywhere without the fear of a more efficient competitor undercutting the agreed minimum.

1. http://www.landvaluetax.org/latest/what-is-the-tax-justice-network.html


Mark Wadsworth said...

Completely agreed (as usual), I've said the same myself often enough.

Thanks for comment at mine.

Jock Coats said...

However I did notice a month or so ago that that bloke with the blog at Tax Research UK had joined the Georgist News mailing list...:)

Mark Wadsworth said...

... and for the follow up.

When I have the energy, I'll do a post praising commercial landlords for ruthlessly weeding out less productive businesses.

Robin Smith said...

MW: DO you mean you will do a post on the commercial landlords UORR Upward Only Rental Reviews, the conspiracy between landlords, RICS, and the legal/accounting profession to boost that fraud and hyper inflate the bubble. And that how ultimately this practice is putting even super-marginal firms out of biz?

The TJN is the left wing alternative to the TPA. Their ideologies are strangling their thought. TJN want a big state at any cost, TPA visa versa. Neither want a state that is just the right size. The reason they are looking at LVT is because they need to know how to counter it to protect their own interest group.

I have met with both. We tried to reason with them but they were unable to deal with indisputable evidence. I was shocked at how very intelligent people could be so stupid.