06 April 2009

Letter to the Manchester Evening News

As part of a regular feature where the paper prints articles written by North West MEPs, Arlene McCarthy made some comments I just had to respond to:

I was astonished to read the attempt by the MEP Arlene McCarthy to portray herself as a champion of consumer protection and local business exports (6th April).

This is the politician who has backed a campaign to skew the copyright bargain against the consumer by retrospectively increasing the time that copyright applies for (against the recommendations of the government's own independent review), which would result in consumers having to pay more to enjoy books and music which would have rightly entered the public domain and been free to use.

This is the politician who has also spearheaded a campaign to make software patentable in the EU, which could have done severe damage to the UK software industry, by granting monopolies to the large US corporations which currently dominate the market, delivering a worse deal for the consumer in the process.

These don't look anything like the actions of someone committed to protecting consumers and backing local business exports.

Sometimes they get printed and sometimes they don't, so I thought I'd post it here too.

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