12 February 2009

Monbiot's Demolition of Blears

I found George Monbiot's demolition of Hazel Blears to be immensly satisfying reading. I disagree with a number of Monbiot's principles, but his illustration of the utter pointlessness of politicians like Blears is both detailed and eloquent.

The sentence comparing Blears with Robin Cook is one I find especially relevant, as it is this shift in the executive which appears to have facilitated the worst excesses of the New Labour government. The leadership appeared just as megalomaniac at the start as it does now, but at least in the early years, it was partially restrained by the presence of principle politicians such as Robin Cook and Clare Short in senior positions. I may have disagreed with the bulk of their beliefs, but at least they believed in something and were prepared to put their beliefs first. One by one, those politicians have been replaced by vacuous non-entities like Hazel Blears whose beliefs, if they have any, are totally subordinate to their desire to cling on to a seat at the top table.

Blears' response to Monbiot in the Guardian was predictably weak.

Hat-tip to Mark's Any Musings

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