11 February 2009

More on Building a Police State by Threat

I was pleased to see that Henry Porter at the Guardian picked up on the letter I commented on yesterday, written by a pub owner who had been pressurised by the police to install a CCTV camera and give them unrestricted access, in return for them not objecting to his licence application.

It certainly appears, looking at the comments from the local police and the local MP, that the situation is as the letter writer presented it.

I think Henry Porter gets it spot on, especially in highlighting the embarrassing way the pub owner's local Labour MP uses the writers legitimate concerns about creeping surveillance as an opportunity to criticise the Lib Dem council for not installing enough CCTV cameras, while completely ignoring his concerns about the erosion of his liberties.

The MP says of the pub: "we will definitely be coming back when it reopens." I hope the landlord bars her.

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