31 January 2009

New Labour's ID Card Gift

As someone who is opposed to ID cards and the national identity register, I'm actually quite pleased that New Labour has tried to introduce them. I'm fairly sure that if they hadn't, a future government would have; it suits authoritarian governments to have maximum knowledge and control of the electorate and the British electorate seems to have such an unhealthy respect for authority that I expect that the majority would have meekly accepted it.

Given that it was always likely to happen, I'm glad that the government which is attempting to introduce ID cards is so utterly incompetent that even people who would have previously been firmly in the "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear" camp have changed their viewpoint after witnessing government departments haemorrhaging large amounts of our personal information. Hopefully, the opposition that's been created will be enough to discourage anybody from pushing a similar scheme for a generation.

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